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Levée immédiate d'interdiction de faire du feu

Parking des Marais Verts

Rapport du 13 juillet 2018 de l'Inspection cantonale des Finances - Parking des Marais Verts

Prise de position communale sur rapport de l'Inspection cantonale des Finances - Parking des Marais Verts

Liste des partenaires au soutien à la jeunesse 2018-2019

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Concert des Cœurs Unis
The 24.11.2018
Champsec 20h00 Coeurs Unis de Champsec

Bal des 25 ans
The 24.11.2018
Le Châble Espace Saint-Marc 21h00

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A word from the President of Bagnes

Welcome to our Website,

Feel free to discover our municipality and its many services by searching the different sections. As well as essentiel administrative information and a virtual front-desk, we also show you the uniqueness and diversity of the Bagnes Valley. You'll find that it's full of places to relax and natural treasures. Its inhabitants are heavily involved in the tourist and craft sectors.

The Bagnes authorities want the municipal administration to be open to your remarks and suggestions. These are always welcome at the following address :

Since the beginning of my time in office, I've wanted to be available to the population, residents and visitors. If anyone wants to meet me to tell me about a problem or share ideas on the development of the municipality, arrange a meeting by calling +41 27 777 11 12. I'm available on Friday mornings.

Enjoy our new site which, I hope, will be to your satisfaction.

Eloi Rossier

Mayor of Bagnes Municipality (Président de Commune)

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