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Music: Other Societies

Find below a list of all other musical associations.

Cantonal Music Conservatory

Conservatoire de musique - section Bagnes

Mme Olga Arsiriy
chemin des Fées 56
1936 Verbier
079 740 36 09

The cantonal music conservatory is not only active in Sion. From Le Bouveret to Brig, around 12 local branches allow young students from the whole region to begin learning an instrument in the best environment possible. The Bagnes branch has existed for a very long time (lessons began in Lourtier). Today, lessons are divided between Le Châble, Montagnier and Verbier.

Ecole communale de Musique de Martigny

Christian Bohnet, Président
Rue de la Maladière 11
1920 Martigny
078 673 26 36

School of Jazz and modern music

M. Nicolas Schwéry
Rue de la Dixence 10
CP 450
1950 Sion
027 323 49 65

Rouge et Noir Ensemble

M. Michel Jacquemin

Case postale 103
1934 Le Châble
079 486 92 86

Fife and Drums of St-Georges Lourtier

M. Fellay Quentin, Président
Route de Mauvoisin 295
1948 Lourtier

079 735 68 76
e-mail :

No s'atro Bon Bagna folk group

M. Lucien Fellay, Président
Case postale 76
1934 Le Châble
079 285 65 38

Guggenmusik Chengouga «Carnabagnes»

Mme Mélanie Reuse
Rue de Tevegny 6
1921 Martigny-Croix
079 373 53 43

Verbier Music Institute

M. Brice Pianet
Case postale 467
1936 Verbier
078 626 40 08

The Verbier Music Institute has for many years provided a high quality service for its pupils. the VMI offers personalised teaching services, with a wide variety of music styles, instruments, lessons and teachers. We would be delighted to welcome you and give you more detailed information about our different offers and how the Bagnes & Entremont school works.

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