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3900-3450 B.C.

First Chamblandes style tomb found at Dzardis in Villette [Annuaire de la société suisse de préhistoire et d’archéologie, 70, 1987]

End of Il B.C.

Estimated date of two "Valaisan" bronze rings found, as well as fragment of glass bracelet from the 1st Century, part of funerary artefacts in a tomb discovered in 1946 between Le Châble and Bruson.

Roman Era - Epoque romaine - Dark Ages

A man named "Bannius" is a landowner in the Châble region. He gives his name to the village and vallee of Bagnes. [Casanova]

A little before 878

Creation of the role of Provost. Bagnes belongs to parish of Saint-Maurice [Hausmann]


First document certifiying the existence of pastures in the valley: the Mille mountain [AEV, Philippe de Torrenté, A.T.L. 32, N° 1]

Between 1092 and 1103

Humbert II, Count of Savoy, comte de Savoie, takes the provostship in favour of Aimon de Briançon. [Hausmann]


Count Amédée III restores the provostship to the Saint-Maurice Abbey. This provostship includes rights and revenues of Bagnes and Etiez [AASM, 1/2/2 et Hausmann] 1

Between 1148 and 1150

Amédée, Bishop of Lausanne, informs Count Humbert III that Reynald, his uncle, has taken the Provostship and its lands, which had been pledged by Humbert's father, Amédée III [AASM, copie dans Liber vallis de: Bagnes, fol. 6]


End of "droit de gîte" in Bagnes and Etiez for Humbert III, count of Savoy, in favour of the Abbey. It is given by Amédée III, Humbert's father, in return for a "table of gold", made of precious stones, in order to finance his journey to the Crusades where he loses his life. The young Count Humbert III must repay his father's debt. [AASM, 8/1/1 et AASM 8/1/2]

between 1150 and 1173

Humbert III, is unable to pay the debt and must pledge all his rights to Bagnes and Etiez, up to Sembrancher bridge to the Saint-Maurice Abbey for 1000 Sous. [AASM, 8/1/3]


The Bagnes and Vollèges churchers are named by Pope Alexander III as possessions of the Saint-Maurice Abbey. [AASM, 8/1/9]


Disputes between Count Thomas I and abbot Gunther of Saint-Maurice concerning respective rights to the Bagnes Valley. [AASM, 8/1/4]


Aymon I de la Tour pledges his vidomnat to the Abbey to the Abbey (from Sembrancher bridge to the far border of Bagnes. [AASM, 9/1/1]


Thomas I and the abbet Aimon settles their differences concerning taxation and other feudal rights in the valley. The House of Savoy keeps sovereignty and feudal superiority over the valley. The Abbey has use of the territory [AASM, 8/1/5]


Sale of a Bagnes vineyard to the Saint-Maurice abbot (first proof of viticulture in the valley). [AASM, Minutarium Majus, 27]


Foundation of the Notre-Dame-de-la-Compassion chapel, next to the Bagnes church, by Pierre de Bagnes, priest. [AASM, 74/2/1 et ACS, 199-02]


Count Amédée V orders his soldiers to give up Verbier castle, occupied since around 1260, to the abbot. [AASM, 8/1/7]


Nicolas de Bagnes, canon and chanoine et châtelain capitulaire of Valère castle, gifts the Saint Jacques altar to the Sion Cathedral. [ACS, 73/6]


Lyonnette, widow of Jean de Monthey, pays tribute to the abbot of half of the territory, a tribute in place until the 16th Century [AASM, 9/3/5]


List of those liable for special tax levied by Count Amédée V. Vollèges parish: 115 feux; Bagnes parish: 355 feux; Le Châble region: 76; Fontenelle, La Gruneya, Les Verneys: 15; Médières: 18; Verbier, Le Bri: 4l; Le Pontet: 3; Montagnier: 28; Le Sapey: 4; Le Désert: 10; Bruson: 12; Versegères, Prarreyer, Le Liapay : 32;Champsec : 35 ; Fregnoley: 15; Lourtier: 31; Sarreyer: 28; à L’Escherchy: 7. Dubuis]


Permit to mine for gold and silver in Bagnes Valley and Vollèges parish give to Jean de Monthey by Abbot Barthélémy for twenty years [AASM, 10/2/1]


The Black Plague hits Valais. Around 40% of the population is killed. [Dubuis]


Abbot Jean Garetti dies in Le Châble castle, which he had rebuilt and turned into abbotal residence. Gabbud]

Vers 1430

First witch hunt in the region. 2 victims in Le Levron. [AASM, 10/1/5]


Le Châble church named after Saint-Maurice. [Dubuis- Lugon, Vallesia, 50, 1995, p. 16]


Second Bagnes valley witch-hunt. [AASM, documents non cotés]


5. 05. - Execution de François de la Tour, lord of Montagnier, for heretical recidivism, 3 years after accusations of sorcery. HIs fiefdom is bought by the Abbey. [AASM, 10/1/10, 11]


High rainfall hits the Bagnes valley and Entremont. All bridges over the Dranse are carried away and Martigny Bourg is flooded. [AEV, Rz 18, p. 662]


The abbotal castle of Le Châble is ransacked by a popular movement and the troops of the VII Dizains which cross over from Croix-de-Coeur and Saint-Christophe and occupy the valley. [AASM, 8/2/1]


Pope Sixte IV defends the rights of the Abbey. The bishop of Sion is obliged to return the lordship to the Abbey. [AASM, 8/2/7]


Abbot Guillaume Bernardi gives two Bernese lords, Steiger et Loeubly, rights to all the lead-platinum mines above Bruson [AASM, Liber Salvani, fol. 124]

Date carved into the clock of Le Châble church, at the bottom of the North face. [Gard, 1982]


The Bishop of Sion, Jodoc de Silinen, names his nephew, Gaspard de Silinen governor and judge of mines [AEV, Xavier de Riedmatten, Pg 6].


Beginning of the legal case between the VII Dizains and the Bishop of Bern which will last more than 20 years. Mathieu Schiner has just been elected bishop and names the possession of the Bagnes mines as one of his privileges. This is disputed by the VII Dizains and Georges Supersaxo. [AEV, ABS, 100/28 ou WLA, I, p. 3, 23]


First depiction of the Bagnes arms on a thaler (coin) of Mathieur Schiner. [Genève, Musée d’art et d’histoire, inv. NUM 31124]


Violent clashes between Aostans and Bagnards at Lancet, following a dispute of the Durand mountain. More fighting takes place at Grande Charmontane in 1537, 1539 et 1557. [ACBg, P40]


Despite defending their cause before Charles-Quint and the Holy See, the Aostans definitively lose the Durand mountain to Bagnes. [ACBg, Pl60]


First recorded glacial flood of the Giètroz, with between 70 and 150 deaths as far as Martigny. [AGSB 3439l

XVIIe siècle

A prosperous period for the parish. Foundation or renovation of all the chapels: Sarreyer: 1646, Bruson: 1656, Les Morgnes: 1659, Les Vernays: 1660, Médières: 1679, Champsec et Versegères: 1684 and Verbier: 1686. [Gard, 1982]


Witch-hunts return to the Bagnes Valley. [AEV, ABS 245/5/30]


BIshop Hildebrand Jost ensures mining operations resume in Bagnes. [AEV, Xavier de Riedmatten, P98/1, N° 28]


Many deaths due to dysentry. [Bourban]


Many deaths due to an outbreak of plague. [Gabbud]


Bishop Hildebrand Jost, returns from Rome via the Great St Bernard Pass, is locked in the Etiez castle by Lord Fabri, franc-patriote, who obtains from the Sion bishop the renunciation of the "Caroline", the temporal power of the bishops. This is definitively ratified in 1634 [Gabbud; Courthion]


 Le Châble church is flooded by the Bruson torrent. Bridel]

Vers 1669

Witch-hunt in the Bagnes Valley. [.Annales valaisannes, 1921]


Witch-craft recorded in Sarreyer. [AEV, ABS 1/41, 42]


The Diète claims that sentences proclaimed by the Grand Chatelain should be appealed before the State rather than the Abbot. [Armorial valaisan]


Abbot Pierre-François Odet refuses to accept a stipulation of the Diète obliging the Abbotal chatelain of Bagnes to swear an oath to the bishop of Sion [AASM, 15/1/14]


The last two Bagnards to be burned for witchcraft are Pierre Terretaz from Sembrancher and Jeanne-Françoise Aubert from Bovernier. [Graven]


Rebellion against the abbot Jean-Joseph Claret in Bagnes. The prelate is forced to renounce his rights. Returning to Saint-Maurice he annuls his renounciation. A State Commission sides with him and local notables and sentences the guilty party to kneel before the abbot, pay reparations and the costs of the litigation, with the leader of the plot being sent into exile. [AASM, inv. Charles]


The village of Morgnes was destroyed by an avalanche. [Gabbud]


Father Héliodore Bourgoz, capuchin of Bruson, creates the Great School or Bagnes college. [Deslarzes-May]


Voyage of Horace-Benedict de Saussure across the Bagnes valley. [Ms Saussure 15/8, BPU, Genève]


First known work of portraitist Félix Cortey. [Gard, 1979]


Accidental death of abbot Joseph-Antoine Cocatrix, returning to take possession of the lordship of Bagnes, in La Monneia, near Sembrancher. [Armorial valaisan; Gabbud; Courthion]


11. 05. - A thousand Upper-Valaisains, fighting against the National Government, enter Bagnes via Croix-de-Coeur, with 800 men who join the invaders and descend with them to Sembrancher. [Gabbud]


4-5. 05. - A new invasion of Upper-Valaisans via Croix-de-Coeur, to repulse the representatives of the Directoire towards Martigny. They receive a warm welcome from the inhabitants. [Gabbud]


 Parliamentarians from Entremont join the first Diète of the Rhodanian Republic. [Gabbud]


Apricot producers flourish in January in Bagnes. [Gabbud, d’après la Chronique P.-J. Jacquemain]


Agreement between the Abbey and the Valley to buy the last fiefdoms and tithes. Armorial valaisan; Gabbud]


Construction of the community stable of the Louvie pasture. [Val de Bagnes]


Food shortages in Bagnes following difficulties the previous year[Gabbud]


The Gietro flood, caused by the break-up of the glacier of the same name, causes the formation of a lake behind the ice. This collapses on the 16th of June at 16:30 and causes the death of 34 people. [Gard, 1988]


Major fire in Versegères. [Courrier du Valais, 20. 08. 1854]


Construction of the Mauvoisin bridge. [Carron]


First known work of portraitist Joseph Brouchoud. [Gard, 1984]


Establishment of a linen factory in Montagnier. [Gabbud] (1839 selon AnneTroillet Boven)


Construction of a new bridge in La Villette. [Gabbud]


New attempts to begin lead-platinum mining in the Peiloz forest above the village of Bruson. [Werner Bellwald, Notes personnelles]


20.05 - Fighting in the Corberayes fields between the Jeunes Suisses of Bagnes and supporters of the Vieille-Suisse leaves four dead. [Pilliez]


The Bruson torrent breaks its banks, devastating the Profray countryside. [Gazette du Valais, 1855, 26, p. l, 2]


Typhoid fever epidemic leads to large number of deaths in the villages of Le Châble and La Villette. [Gabbud]

First recording of the commercial use of the Perrodin Hotel in Le Châble by Pierre-Joseph Perrodin. [Eveil du tourisme, p.15]


20. 06. - First officiel ascent of the Grand Combin by Maurice and Benjamin Fellay and Juvence Bruchez. [Eveil du tourisme, p.79]


An avalanche blocks the road between the two sections of Lourtier village, which is severely threatened. Gabbud]


Construction of the Hôtel du Glacier du Giétroz in Mauvoisin, an initiative of Doctor Carron, built by Jean-Maurice Bruchez and Eugène Besse. [Eveil du tourisme, p.20]


The Grande Ecole (Bagnes college) is given to the Saint-Maurice Abbey [Deslarzes-May]


Serious violence in Champsec, caused by poltiical and electoral disagreements [Gabbud]


Construction of a mountain hut at the foot of Grand-Combin by Bagnes guides. Carried away by an avalanche shortly after completion. [Bayard, p. 72]


01. 05. - The first post bus arrives in Le Châble (Sembrancher-Bagnes route) [Armorial valaisan]


The municipal Government is elected, rather than being made up of nominations from different parts of Bagnes. Gabbud]


The Bruson torrent again devastates the Profray countryside [Gabbud]

Fire in the hamlet of Les Vernays. 27 buildings burned down. [Gabbud]


Spectacular arrival of the Liberal Party to municipal power. To a large extent this happens because some politicial figures are caught up in the Farinet affair. [Autorités]

Construction of the Lourtier and Bruson roads. [Gabbud]


Construction of the Pannossière mountain hut by the Monte Rosa section of the Swiss Alpine Club. [Eveil du tourisme, p. 55]


First recorded commercial use of two hotels in Fionnay. [Gazette du Valais, 1890, 42, p. 62]

Construction of the Chanrion mountain hut. [Eveil du tourisme, p. 62]


Foundation of the Le Châble brass band, which becomes the "Avenir" music society. Centenaire et inauguration des costumes de l’Avenir, 1992]


Foundation of the «Société de Saint-Joseph» which becomes the "Concordia" musi society. [Willy Ferrez, Accords et contre-temps, La Concordia 1893-1993, Sion, 1993]


28. 06. - Glacial flood of the Crête-Sèche glacier. [Mariétan]


 Foundation of the Champsec Youth Society.


Foundation of the Bagnes Mutual Society. [Statuts de la Société de secours mutuel, Monthey, 1902]


17. 07. - Another glacial flood of the Crête-Sèche glacier. Major damage to property. [Mariétan]


Foundation of the Free School, which renounces religious teaching.[Deslarzes-May]


Creation of the Tombeys electricity station (below Verbier). [Gabbud]


The Grande Ecole is renamed the Bagnes College and becomes a public institution. Deslarzes-May]


Foundation of the Bagnes Diana (hunting society) [75 ans de la Diana de Bagnes, 1982]


Introduction of proportional representation to municipal elections. [Autorités, p. 111]


Foundation of the Raiffeisen fund in Bagnes. [Carnet de fête du 75e, 1998]

First postal bus route from Sembrancher to Champsec. [Bagnes notre vallée]


Foundation of the Providence Old People's Home.  [Berthod]


Construction of the Mont-Fort mountain hut. [Eveil du tourisme]


First recorded commercial use of the Mont-Fort and Rosablanche mountain huts (Verbier resort). [Deslarzes, p. 73]

Construction of the Fionnay road. [Val de Bagnes]

Foundation of the Bagnes ski-club


Foundation of the first "montagne basse"  «La Ly, Sery». [ACBg, document non coté]

First colony of ibexes brought to the foot of Mont Pleureur. [Bagnes notre vallée, p. 105]


Electrical station in Champsec operational. [Archives privées]

Fire in Lourtier. 43 buildings, including 20 houses, burned down. [ACBg, Protocole du conseil communal, 29 septembre 1929]


Construction of the Bon-Conseil Church in Lourtier, designed by Alberto Sartoris. [Alberto Sartoris et le Valais, Martigny, 1983

Foundation of the choral society «Alpenrose» in Bruson.


Foundation of the Sarreyer theatre group.


Construction of the road to the Verbier plateau. [Deslarzes]


Foundation of «Télésiège de Médran S.A.», precursor to today's Téléverbier. Deslarzes]


Construction of the Mauvoisin dam. Albert Maret]


 Opening of the Martigny-Orsières line from Sembrancher to Châble. [Autorités, p. 121]


 Foundation of the Bagnes Football Club.


Foundation of the «La Fleur des Neiges» music society in Verbier.


Creation of Bagnes «Services Industriels» [25 ans. Services industriels de Bagnes, 1984]


Bruson-La Côt ski-lift operational  [Andan]


Reorganisation of land plots by Constitutive assembly. [Autorités]


Bruson chosen as typical mountain village for national Expo. [Agriculture romande, vol. 3, 1964, n. 5, 20 p.]


Work on «Louvie-Pas-du-Lin» aqueduct completed. [25 ans. Services industriels de Bagnes, 1984]


Number of municipal councillors reduced from 15 to 11. Autorités]

Upper Bagnes Valley classified as protected national site. [Bagnes notre vallée]


Voting slips counted centrally, rather than at regional polling booths. [Autorités, p. 114]


Municipal Government approves Bruson-les-Forêts development plan. [Nouvelliste 1975, 9]


Fire at Bodmer "rotorderie" in  Montagnier. [Nouvelliste, 1980, 252]


Le Chäble parish church restorations completed. [Gard, 1982]


 Mauvoisiin Dam height raised by 13 metres. [Krafwerke Mauvoisin AG]


Avalanches in Lourtier and Verbier. Major damage to buildings and property. [Nouvelliste, 1999, 43, p. 14]


Bagnes en Fête.


Bagnes buys, for 21 million francs, 284 161 shares in Téléverbier to become the largest shareholder, with 25,66 % of capital.

The Tour de France comes to Verbier for the first time, with a victory for Alberto Contador

Death of Maurice Chappaz.


Florent Troillet crowned world Ski Mountaineering champion. His sister, Marie, part of winning ski-mountaineering World Championships team the following year.


Bagnes hit by hurricane Joachim in December. A few days later, in January 2012, hurricane Andrea hits. Damage is greater than that following hurricane Lothar, in 1999.

Jean-Albert Ferrez is president of the Valais parliament for 1 year


Creation of the Mauvoisin dam pathway and creation of "Tangential Circular Negative Line Sculpture", a Land Art sculpture by Michael Heizer, next to the dam.


Opening of the new Espace Saint-Marc multi-purpose hall

Opening of the W Hotel in Verbier

Opening of the new Le Châble-Bruson gondola

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