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Accounts and budgets

Bagnes municipality

The budgets of the municipality of Bagnes are presented by the municipal councillors and drawn up by the heads of service. They are approved by the municipal government and parliament.

The operating and investment accounts are drawn up by the financial service and checked by an external fiduciary, before being approved by the two elected bodies.


Comptes de la commune 2012
Comptes de la commune 2011
Comptes de la commune 2010
Comptes de la commune 2009

Budget de la commune 2014
Budget de la commune 2013
Budget de la commune 2012
Budget de la commune 2011


Bagnes Industrial Services
The accounts of the SIB are held separately from those of the municipality, even though the services managed by the SIB are integrated within the municipal accounts. To find out more visit the SIB Website.

Bagnes Bourgeoisie

The accounts and budgets of the Bagnes Bourgeoisie, although kept by the municipal fund, are entirely independent of the municipality.


Comptes de la Bourgeoisie 2011
Comptes de la Bourgeoisie 2010
Comptes de la Bourgeoisie 2009

Budget de la Bourgeoisie 2013
Budget de la Bourgeoisie 2012
Budget de la Bourgeoisie 2011

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