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Internal monitoring system (SCI)

The S.C.I. is

  • part of the municipal administration, working between the general administration and finance commissions
  • an independent service working with and for all of the municipal departments
  • a legal obligation (since 2004 - art. 71 of the ruling on municipal financial management)

The.C.I. must find the "right balance" between

  • risk management and unnecessary investigations
  • the implementation of useful working tools and overly restrictive controls

The goal of the S.C.I.:

  • That employees can work in full confidence and gain the recognition of the authorities and citizens

The work of the S.C.I. is to:

  • Remedy dysfunctions as soon as posslbie
  • Indentify and adapt to risks
  • Know the impact of difficulties on activities and finances
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities with regard to activities
  • Find ways to improve collaboration between departments
  • Monitor regulations and ensure they are applied in a sustainable way
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