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Download documents relating to life in Bagnes

Some questions can be answered online thanks to our virtual reception desk  (announcement of departures and arrivals, change of address, various certificates).

Leisure activities
Authorization for unaccompanied children

Agriculture, countryside, forest
Application for open-air fire

Businesses, societies
Application for pyrotechnic articles for entertainment
Application for authorization to trade
Application for retail permit to sell alcoholic drinks in retail

Construction, renovation
Chalet naming request
Excavation permit request
Temporary use of municipal land request

Residents' registration
Statement of arrival (French)  
Statement of arrival (English)
Statement of arrival (Italian)
Statement of arrival (Portuguese) 
Statement of moving 
Statement of leaving (L-Permit) 
Statement of housing
Work contract (French - German)
Work contract (French - English)
Work contract (French - Spanish)
Work contract (French - Italian)
Work contract (French - Portuguese)
Work contract appendix (hourly rate or part-time)
Request for family reunification EC/ EFTA 

Request for CE-27/AELE authorization
Request for CE-1 Croatia authorization

Declaration form for joint household (cohabitees)
Declaration form for joint household (married peoples)

Firework permit request
Permit for sale of pyrotechnic entertainment articles

Regulations and form for events

Request for parking pass
Request for tracked vehicle permit

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