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Hunting, fishing, mushrooms

Hunting and fishing department
Hunting and fishing are managed by the Valais cantonal department of fishing, hunting and fauna (SPCF). The local societies (Diana de Bagnes and Bagnes fishing society) make an importent contribution to fauna management. Those who want an annual hunting permit should contact the cantonal hunting, fishing and fauna department in Sion. Fishermen who want a daily permit at the "gouille à Vaudan"  should ask at the Naville shop in Verbier 027 / 771 31 21.

Mushroom picking is not the responsibility of Bagnes municipality. However, pickers can have their mushrooms checked by the l'Association Cantonale Valaisanne de Mycologie (ACVM). Contact details for experts are on the site, and that of Vapko (national organisation).

Contact people

Jean-Bernard Corthay
Function: Garde-Chasse de Bagnes
Mobile : +41 79 355 39 12
Service cantonal de la chasse, de la pêche et de la faune
Rue de l'Industrie
1950 Sion
Phone : +41 27 606 70 00
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