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Walking Trails

The Bagnes walking trail network consists of around 400 km of marked paths. Walkers are encouraged to report major problems on the paths (fallen trees, rockfalls, other blockages) to the department.

There are three types of marked path

  • Yellow markings. Hiking trails are situated far from motorised transport roads and, where possible, are not tarmacced or concreted. They are not particularly difficult to navigate.
  • White - red - white markings. Mountain paths include difficult and steep sections. They are narrow and exposed and reserved for sure-footed walkers in good physical condition, without vertigo, who understand the natural dangers of the mountains (rockfalls, risk of sliding and falling, sudden weather changes). Good boots, appropriate clothing and a topographical map are required.
  • White - blue-  white markings. The alpine hiking trails are very demanding. They cross glaciers, scree and cliff faces including short climbing passages. A clearly defined route can not be guaranteed. Alpine hiking trails are only for those in peak physical condition who are sure-footed and do not suffer from vertigo. Knowledge of mountain dangers is required.

Bagnes and the Verbier and Bagnes development societies have published several maps showing the paths, walking times and several route suggestions.

The following maps are on sale at the municipal administration building, tourist offices and many local businesses.

  • Topographical maps,1/25'000, CHF 19.-
  • Tour des Lacs et du Bec de Sery : free
  • Sentier des Chamois and vaulted stables: free
  • Sentier des Songes : free
  • Tour du barrage de Mauvoisin : free


Visits, shown on the following maps:

  • La Promenade de la Dranse, walking time around 4h15.
  • Le Tour des Villages, walking time around 5h30.
  • Le Tour du Val de Bagnes, leave from Châble ou de Verbier, walking time around 5-6 days
  • Tour des Combins :A 6 day alpine hike of around 200km of marked routes, altitude varying from1'300 à 2'800 m. This route takes in high mountain paths in the Aosta valley.
  • Tour des Grands Barrages : A 9 day hike taking in several mountain dams (Mauvoisin - Cleuson - Dixence - Place Moulin) and some charming mountain lakes.


From mid March to mid November 3 employees maintain and repair the marked paths. The primary tasks are the following:

  • Clear paths (tree trunks, stones etc)
  • Secure the paths (bridges, chains etc)
  • Repair water crossings
  • Repaint markings
  • The lower section of the network is mowed and strimmed during the Summer by two auxiliary workers.


Projects/ achievements
In 2013 the department began the building of a pathway from the foot of the Corbassière glacier to ensure a link between the Brunet and Pannossière mountain huts. This was opened officialy in July 2014. This pathway allows walkers to avoid a dangerous glacier crossing as well as rockfalls on the path along the moraine.

In addition, the vaulted stables in the pastures have received a great deal of attention and the renovation has been carried out by the department's workers. The Bisse des Ravines, near Bruson, will once again carry water.  Thanks to the Amis du Bisse des Ravines, it will be an added attraction for hikers, alongside the Bisse de Levron (above Verbier) and Corbassière (Haut Val de Bagnes) which have carried water since 2013. The Via Ferrata, in the Mauvoisin gorge, was opened at the beginning of July 2013. The entire route has been open to climbers since July 2014.


Contact people

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