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AVS (retirement)

The AVS agency
The municipal AVS agent ensures the link between the local population and the cantonal AVS compensation fund and Invalidity Insurance office. The agent is available to the public for the following matters:

The self-employed :

  • Registration certificates, modifications, deletion

Employers :

  • Registration certificates, modifications, deletion

Jobless :

  • Registration certificates, modifications, deletion
  • Inquiries
  • Family benefits for jobless and single-parent families

AVS/AI beneficiaries :

  • Request for provisional benefit calculation
  • Request for AVS benefits
  • Request for AI benefits
  • Request for incapacitation allowance
  • Request for complementary services (PC)
  • Request for assistance credits (PC)

Farmers :

  • Family allowance request
  • Checking and sending cards and certificates (AFI)

Membership of AVS (AVS payments)
Membership is the first step to being able to pay AVS contributions and benefit from AVS-AI-APG services.
Employers must become members of a pension fund so that their employees can benefit from AVS/AI/APG/AC services. If they are members of a professional association with its own pension fund, they must join it, otherwise they must join the cantonal fund. The self-employed must also join the cantonal fund.

The jobless must join the cantonal fund:

  • Students
  • Widows, widowers
  • The sick, injured, invalid
  • Early retired

Requests for old-age funds
The right to an old age pension comes into effect on the 65th birthday for men and 64th birthday for women. The pension can be given one or two years earlier, with a reduction of 6.8% and 13.6% respectively.
Old age pension is not paid automatically: an official request must be presented, along with AVS cards and a family card. It is recommended that the request be made to the AVS agent in the home municipality at least 4 months in advance.

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