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Applications for invalidity Insurance

Invalidity insurance is obligatory in Switzerland. It guarantees quality of life for those who become invalids, either by providings services (rehabilitation) or financial assistance (pensions or allowances). The federal invalidity insurance law defines invalidity as a "disability or inability to complete recurring tasks such as domestic work, resulting from damage to physical, psychic or mental health". This incapacity must be permanent or long-term (at least a year). It makes no difference if the damage is caused by a congenital illness, sickness or an accident. One can benefit from invalidity insurance when:

  • Health has been damaged
  • permanent or long-term disability or inability to complete recurring tasks
  • the disability is a result of health damage

To obtain AI services, the affected person must register at the Office de l'assurance-invalidité (Office AI) in their home canton. The necessary documentation is found at the municipal AVS office or downloaded from this page. The application must be delivered as soon as possible. It is not a good idea to wait until the health insurance benefits have run out because AI can not make retroactive payments beyond 1 year. The Bagnes AVS office can give all necessary information. Information can also be found on the Valaisan AVS-AI and compensation fund Websites.

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