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Apartment rental
You can rent from a private individual, agency or estate agent (list available from Verbier-Bagnes tourist office). An inspection, signed by both parties, should be carried out in order to prevent disputes when you leave the apartment. The rental contract is generally for 1 year and renewable.
A deposit is often required. This can be provided as a bank guarantee or deposit. The maximum amount is the equivalent of 3 months rent and is blocked until the end of the rental contract.

Connections (water, electricity, heating, multimedia)
When you arrive in Bagnes, you must inform the Bagnes Industrial Services (SIB) concerning the electricity supply. If you need internet, television or telephone, you con contacte Sateldranse SA. More information  here

Useful Links
Connections in Bagnes
Swiss tenants association (ASLOCA)

Contact people

Office du tourisme du Val de Bagnes
Bureau du Châble
Rue de la Gare 2
1934 Le Châble VS
Phone : +41 27 775 38 70
Fax : +41 27 775 38 71
Office du tourisme de Verbier Val de Bagnes
Verbier/Bagnes Tourisme
Route de Verbier Station 61
Case postale 300
1936 Verbier
Phone : +41 27 775 38 88
Fax : +41 27 775 38 89
Association suisse des locataires
Rue de l'Industrie 10
1950 Sion
Phone : +41 27 322 92 49
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