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Request for a bursary

Bagnes can provide financial assistance in the form of a loan under certain conditions (Règlement communal sur les prêts de formation) and independently from the cantonal bursary system.

Municipal assistance is available for Bagnes bourgeois, Swiss citizens or foreign nationals resident for at least 3 years.


  • Schoolchildren and those following vocational courses
  • Apprentices and schoolchildren up to second year of secondary education.
  • Pupils at technical and agricultural schools
  • Pupils at higher education schools
  • University and polytechnic students
  • Schools for artists, seminarians, teachers and paramedics
  • Those who wish to develop professionally or change career
  • Hotel & tourism students

Written request, addressed to the social affairs committee and (depending on case) :

  • Decision of cantonal bursary and interest-free loans department
  • Certificate from school or planned training
  • Apprenticeship contract
  • Detailed spending and resources budget
  • Financial plan

Training loans are made following a written contract. They are interest-free during the studies. When the beneficiary begins paid activity, interest, at a bank rate, is payable. Repayments begin as soon as the beneficiary has a regular paid activity. 20 % per year, including interest, must be paid.

In case of death of invalidity, the repayment is guaranteed by :

  • Life insurance
  • A bank guarantee
  • A notaried guarantee

Municipal decisions can be appealed at the cantonal level. The appeals procedure is guaranteed by the "loi sur la procédure et la juridiction administratives" (LPJA).

Cantonal bursaries and interest-free loans
Any person can apply for a cantonal bursary or loan.

Commune de Bagnes
Social Affairs committee (Commission des affaires sociales)
Commission formation
Route de Clouchèvre 30
1934 Le Châble VS
Téléphone ++41 27 777 12 32
Fax : ++41 27 777 12 40

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Cantonal bursaries and interest-free loans

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