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School health

Hélène Besson, the schools nurse, is responsible for all levels of obligatory schooling (beginning of primary to 3rd year of middle school). Tasks include the following:

  • Health education, prevention and promotion
  • Well-being
  • Preliminary examinations (view, hearing, size, weight etc) in 1st primary, 4th primary and 2nd middle school.
  • Vaccinations
  • Eyesight checks, nits, monitoring particular children following teacher requests

Prevention is cheaper than cure!
Every year, 1st primary pupils must have a medical inspection, as well as 4th primary pupils. The school doctors are Gilbert Bruchez and Felicity Brand. The school dentists are Katarina Langer and Robin Jeunet Mancy. They perform an annual check-up for all children in 1st primary and 6th primary. A report is produced for parents, who have a free choice of doctor, where care is necessary. For social problems, teachers or school managers can call on Cécile Veuthey, social worker for the Entremont social services department. This can include bad behaviour or difficult family situations.

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