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Identity cards and passports

  • Requests for identity cards are made to the municipality
  • Requests for biometric passports should be made to the canton.

Identity cards

Requests should be made at the population office. Please bring the following documents:

  • The old identity card
  • A good quality passport photo (even for babies)
  • Family record book for minors
  • Separation agreement or divorce judgement for children if parents are separated or divorced
  • Amount payable:
    • CHF 70.- for adults
    • CHF 35.- for children

For minors or those in guardianship, the request must be co-signed by a legal guardian. The wait for an identity card is 15 working days.


Those requesting a passport should ask at the cantonal identity documents office. A meeting must be organised with or by telephone.

The following documents should be presented:

  • The old passport
  • The separation or divorce judgement for children with separated or divorced parents (custody arrangements)

Amount payable:

  • CHF 145.- adults
  • CHF 65.- children

The wait for a passport is 15 working days

Combined identity card & passport request

The procedure is identical to the request for a passport as noted above.
The old identity card must also be presented.

Amount payable

  • CHF 158.- adults
  • CHF 78.- children

Loss theft or destruction of an identity card

The loss, theft or damage to documents must inform the population office. These documents must be cancelled. A replacement can then be ordered.

Announcing the loss of a foreign passport
The loss of a foreign identity document must be announced in the relevant country. Swiss nationals living abroad must inform a Swiss representation. Those who lose their passport on holiday must inform a Swiss representative in order to receive a replacement.

Replacing an identity document
The document is cancelled and can no longer be used. A new identity document can be ordered at the population office by presenting a police certificate of loss. If found, cancelled documents must be sent to the issuing authorities.


Contact people

Office de la Population : bureau du Châble
Commune de Bagnes
Route de Clouchèvre 28
1934 Le Châble VS
Phone : +41 27 777 11 57
Centre de documents d’identité cantonal
Avenue de la Gare 39
Case postale 478
1951 Sion
Phone : +41 27 606 06 00
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