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New arrivals: residents registration

Registration formalities
Anyone moving to Bagnes must be registered in person at the population office within 14 days.
They must have obligatory Swiss health insurance
Foreigners arriving in Switzerland who wish to work must submit a dossier before starting work and obtain permission to work, given by the State of Valais (population and migration department at the cantonal work service). All changes to the family situation (marriage, separation), of name, employer, change of address must be reported to the population office.

Each Swiss municipality having its own rules, you must report your departure and register with your new municipality of residence.

There are several types of work permit :
Permis L     Temporary (valid during work contract)
Permis B     Residency permit
Permis C     Established residency permit
Permis G     Cross-border work permit
Permis N /F Asylum seeker permit

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Registering in primary residence
Registration in person at the population office must happen within 14 days of arrival.
The following documents are neccesary :
Swiss nationals :

  • Act of origin
  • Family record book for those with children
  • Proof of subscription to a health insurer for the whole family (insurance contract)
  • CHF 25.- per person (CHF 50.- per family)
  • Complete new address
  • Date of arrival in Bagnes
  • New AVS card
  • Copy of rental contract or certificate of accommodation (housing),for tenants
  • Certificate of departure from previous municipality
  • Arrival enquiry (forms)
    The act of origin is retained by the residents registry

Foreign nationals :

  • Contact the Population Office

Secondary residence registration :
This must take place 14 days following arrival in Bagnes.
The following documents are necessary :
Swiss nationals :

  • Certificate of establishment to prove a stay (produced by municipality of primary residence)
  • CHF 25.- (arrival fee)
  • Arrival enquiry (forms)

Foreign nationals :

  • Residency permit
  • Passport or valid identity document
  • Certificate of establishment to prove a stay
  • CHF 25.- (arrival fee)
  • Arrival enquiry (forms)

Welcome, information and guidance for new arrivals. Coordination of all local tasks related to the integration of foreigners in Bagnes. Maintaining relationships and dialogue with foreign national organisations. Naturalisation.

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General information about Switzerland
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Swiss Confederation: federal immigration, integration and emigration department

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