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Starting a business

If you want to relocate to Bagnes and start a business or a branch of your business, the simplest way is to call a notary or fiduciary who will guide you through the process.

Don't forget:

  • To announce your business
    • To the municipal AVS office
    • To the municipal tax office
  • To declare yourself personally to the social services (AVS, AI, APG, Allocations...).
  • Make contact with the Federal tax office and register for VAT
  • If you do not have Swiss nationality:
    • obtain a residency permit for you and your employees (see conditions for tax at source or self-declaration)
    • obtain obligatory health insurance from a Swiss insurer
    • Insure your employees and yourself against accidents

The most common forms of business are

  • Individual society: your are the only member of your company and act independently.
  • The limited company (Sàrl) : you are most likely the backer and employee of your company. A minimum of 20'000 CHF is needed to set up an Sàrl. A notaried corporate deed and registry in the Business Registry are obligatory.
  • Public limited company (SA) : A minimum of 100'000 CHF is needed to set up an SA. A notaried corporate deed and registry in the Business Registry are obligatory.
  • An association - foundation - cooperative – collective management firm…

Technical inventions (patents) can be protected, as can innovative commercial ideas (brands, products and services) which are the fruit of long preparation and creative effort. Copyright protects intellectual creation (artistic, literary, software).

Announcing the opening of a business

Any legal or physical person who wishes to work for themselves, in any sector, must announce themselves to the municipal AVS agency and tax office. A questionnaire must be filled in and this will decide the municipal and tourist promotion tax liability. A permit or authorisation to trade may be necessary.

Announcing the closure of a business

In case of cessation of activities, changing the name of the business, changing activities, owner or manager, the municipal AVS agency and tax office must be informed.

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Useful document

Municipal rules on the tourism promotion tax and municipal taxi regulation

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