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Military Affairs

Military affairs are managed by the competent authorities (DDPS and the army itself) Bagnes is not responsible for, nor qualified to answer, any questions related to military service.

In general, all necessary information can be found here

Arrival, departure and change of address

Military personnel must present themselves to the relevant authorities. Any change of personal details must be communicated within 15 days to the head of section or regional command of the home canton.

The list of heads of section and regional commanders can be found here

Dispensation for foreign travel
Anyone wishing to leave the coutry for a 12 month period, who is required to serve and who has announced their departure to the municipality, must also make a request for military dispensation. Anyone who is abroad for less than 12 months does not need military dispensation.

All information concerning dispensation is available here

Changing military training times
Requests for changes to military training dates must be made in writing at least 14 weeks in advance. Requests received later than this will not be considered except in exceptional circumstances.

All information related to change of military service dates (notice, contacts, forms etc) are availlable here.

Compulsory firearms
All information on compulsory firearms is found here.

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