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The cadaster retains maps of the entire territory, as well as data relating to each construction or plot. This data changes regularly as property changes hands, plots are shared and divided etc

At the cadaster you can consult:

  • Plot maps for the whole municipality
  • Data for each plot
  • The fiscal value of each tax-payer (information reserved for person concerned)

The Cadaster issues:

  • Statements for the whole valley, with the exception of Verbier resort (provided by the Land Registry)
  • The list of official valuers
  • All information relating to the crop cultivation department

2020 official valuers

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Contact people

Thierry Maret
Service du cadastre
Maison Goltz
Route de Clouchèvre 30
1934 Le Châble VS
Function: Teneur du cadastre
Phone : +41 27 777 11 24
Registre foncier
Horaires: 7h30-11h30 / aucune commande par téléphone
Avenue du Léman 29
5e étage
1920 Martigny
Phone : +41 27 607 80 20
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