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Territory Information System

The Territory Information System (SITis a tool for the collection and publication of geographical data, including the publication of plans and maps.

In the SIT application, please click on the 'Choix du Thème' icon at the top right to select the cadastral, citizen or tourist map.

Cadastral map

  • Access to plots, buildings, zone maps
  • Background map images : orthophoto, 1:10'000 scale
  • Locating an address

Citizen map

  • Locating underground conduits
  • Placing of moloks, refuse skips...
  • Danger zone maps
  • Water protection zones
  • Flood risk areas
  • Zones where geothermal probes are authorised

Tourist map

  • Walking trails
  • Relief maps


How can I see details of a plot?
Select the "information" icon top-right. It is not possible to select several plots at once.

Why are some layes greyed out?
These layers are deactivated if the view is not at the optimal level. Try changing the zoom value.

Can I change the display area?
The display resizes automatically with regards to the screen resolution.

Other services
A GPS service for Switzerland can be found here.

If you can't read the file, download Windows Media Player here.

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